Flooring for high-quality and design environments, great aesthetic and touch beauty, enormous resistance to loads, abrasion, frost and salt. Ideal for heated floors with working antique craft floor rustic But very elegant, that goes well with ancient environments such modern environments.


Nazareth stone great hardness and compactness, with our unique and valuable workmaning is transfor floor in Jerusalem Stone Nazareth, handcrafted antique, composition tile pattern Roman opus 13 different sizes, thickness 2 cm stonemed into beautiful stone floors. The thicknesses can be from 1.2 cm to 2 cm, and different finishes choices are available. The Jerusalem Stone is the result of a natural process and therefore subject to the variability of the case, this means that there will never be an exact copy of the same. This particular feature of the Jerusalem Stone material is a prerogative and feature much appreciated as they make it unique within the entire panorama of natural stones. For the above is recommended, to have an idea of the final effect of the floor to see a composition formed by a set of different pieces of stone to understand this peculiar characteristic, in such a way as to give you a more precise idea of what will be the final color effect of your flooring.