Staires in marble Jerusalem stone Gold,releave and The natural stone of Jerusalem possesses all the qualities of resistance that serve to build functional, pleasant and lasting environments. One choice for each request, the right answer to all questions. Stone is what it takes, for all it takes. Durable, durable, durable is easy to clean, Jerusalem's natural stone is the only option for anyone who wants a material that combines elegance, sophistication and quality. The beautiful Jerusalem Natural Stone is transformed into stairs that become a work of art to embellish your homes. Elegance design and sophistication in the details distinguish our stairs. We perform surveys on site, design and laying..


The stairs in Jerusalem Stone can be had with treads of different thicknesses and with multiple processes. Modern staircases, elegant staircases and antique stairs are performed. in stone with thickness of3cm,steps in 2cm thicknessand bullnose 2cm thick,surface in Grand Chateau and the same on the floors