BIBLICAL natural Jerusalem Stone paving, made from the various colors of natural Jerusalem Stone with fine craftsmanship.
Ideal in renovations of cottages, old villas, castles and historic buildings.

Antique stone flooring also lends itself greatly to pairing with modern furnishings and creates elegant and emotional environments.



Jerusalem Biblical flooring is composed of a mixture of the various colors of natural Jerusalem stone.

To better suit the characteristics of your property, the various stone colors can be mixed as desired.
The colors of the natural stone that makes it up are Jerusalem Gold, Jerusalem Grey, Jerusalem Grey Gold, and Jerusalem Pink, which can always be inserted as desired.

Thicknesses can be from 1.2 cm to 2 cm, and different choices of finishes and sizes are available.

The Jerusalem Stone is the result of a natural process and therefore subject to the variability of chance, which means that an exact copy of it will never exist.

This particular characteristic of the material Jerusalem Stone is a highly valued prerogative and feature as they make it unique within the entire landscape of natural stone.

Because of the above and to get an idea of the final effect of the floor, it is recommended to see a composition formed by a set of different pieces of stone to understand this peculiar characteristic, so that you can get a better idea of what the final color effect of your flooring will be.




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